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Look Back : April 2015

Having turned over the calendar yesterday, I realised another month has gone. Another month closer to those long, long Summer days, when the sun rises around 5am and doesn’t set before 11pm. Pretty crazy how the days turn into weeks and then with a snap of your fingers, another month has passed, isn’t it?

April saw lots more activity on my blog – having made more time to write, post and share my world with you. I hope you’re enjoying reading about it. So sit back, grab a cuppa and let me take you back on a quick look at my last month…

The blossom trees had just started to bud at the beginning of April – this is my favourite painted wall in Hamburg – and it’s right behind my studio.

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Charity : Heart Pillow Project 2015

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This is going to be a post – not just about a wonderful group of crafty ladies right here in Hamburg or about this project we were lucky enough to be apart of – but of gratitude. It is on days like this – when the universe aligns – that I am reminded of how lucky I am in so many vast and varied aspects of my life.

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Studio Life : Sock Haul & New Monkies

Spring is slowly coming to my studio: Atelier E-37.

Some days in the studio just work. Flow, you come home exhausted but feel like you’ve really achieved something. Finished something; found greater understanding of something; worked something out. Found a short cut – or a long cut. But you managed to arrive at that place you set out to find.

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Taggy Giraffes : What better reason?

This little cutie has been in my head for a little while now (I have SO MUCH gorgeous fabric)…..but there’s no better reason to make you actually sit down and do it – than the arrival of a new little person in the family. My nephew came into the world recently and in no time, I was booked on a train to go meet him – which meant I needed to finish some handmade goodies I had filed away. And this was one of them.

I like to call him a Taggy Giraffe.

Gus and Ollie fabric baby taggy giraffe toy softie newborn Hamburg Germany Gus and Ollie fabric baby taggy giraffe toy softie newborn Hamburg Germany

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Market : Coco-Mat Kunsthandwerkermarkt

IMG_0735Market days are always busy and highly anticipated by us the makers and no doubt by our lovely patrons as well. We spend so many hours making and preparing – remembering to iron and wash the table cloth, to pack the scissors and all the bits and bobs that go into our packaging. It’s not just about what is on the table – but price tags, business cards, display props and infrastructure. Should I set up like last time? Do I have the same amount of space – or ‘platz’ as we like to say here in Germany? Did it work me for last time….and what about  the customers? So many things run through your head, but it’s all part of the fun and excitement of preparing for a market. The COCO-MAT Kunsthandwerkermarkt (Handmade Market) was no exception. Continue reading “Market : Coco-Mat Kunsthandwerkermarkt”

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Sock Monkeys : Ready just in time…

gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany

Just thought I would share with you a couple of little newbies, that will be with me at the COCO-MAT Kunsthandwerkermarkt this Sunday! Continue reading “Sock Monkeys : Ready just in time…”

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Market : It’s Market time again…

Coco-Mat Kunsthandwerkermarkt 2014


I’m very excited to announce my Gus & Ollie Family, handmade accessories and I will be at the

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