I have been a maker of things for as long as I can remember, culminating in graduating from Art School – some of the best years of my life!
Working in a studio has always felt like home. 

After meeting my husband and moving from Melbourne, Australia to Hamburg, Germany together, I found myself in the unique position of being able to work on my art full time. This is how Gus & Ollie was born.

Soft toys were something I always wanted to make, but it wasn’t until I moved here, that I had the time to see this dream through – complete with much experimentation, frustration and triumph along the way. I have worked hard to create original designs, with craftsmanship that has been perfected to be unique, robust and above all irresistible.

I work in a studio space, as part of Atelier E-37, in Ottensen, Hamburg, Germany. All creations, photos and writing you find on this blog are made, taken and written by me. I am a one woman show and proud of it! Creating these toys are a labour of love and I hope you and your friends and family love them too.


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