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From fine art in Melbourne to monkey-making in Germany.
I have been ‘making things’ for as long as I can remember, which culminated in graduating from Art School – some of the best years of my life! There was something about having a studio, that always felt like home.
After meeting my husband and moving from Melbourne, Australia to Hamburg, Germany together, I found myself in the unique position of being able to work on my art full time. This is how Gus & Ollie was born.
Soft toys were something I always wanted to try, but it wasn’t until I moved here, that I had the time to see this dream through – complete with much experimentation, frustration and triumph along the way.
Sock Monkeys have been around since the early 20th Century, originally made from old socks for children of families who didn’t have the means to buy toys. I have worked hard to create original designs, with craftsmanship that has been perfected to be unique, robust and above all irresistible.
I work in a studio space, as part of Atelier E-37, in Ottensen, Hamburg, Germany. All creations, photos and writing you find on this blog are made, taken and written by me. I am a one woman show and proud of it! Creating these toys are a labour of love and I hope you and your friends and family love them too.
Email me: gusandollie@gmail.com

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