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To see or not to see?

Gus and Ollie Hamburg

I have always loved taking photos. Snippets & moments to be remembered. A glance, a smile, a space, a colour. It often takes me a little longer to get anywhere because I inevitably need to stop and take a photo or two.

My darling husband is particularly patient with me, when it comes to this – I know so many are not. Often waiting until I get the shot, before we move on, even after I tell him “I’ll catch up” and I’m not just talking about photographing our coffees before we destroy the crema (although I am guilty of this occasionally too).


Long before Instagram, hashtags or selfies, my almost every move was interrupted by a camera. I’ve taken photos for as long as I can remember; of friends, family, pets, school camp. I’ve taken photos of my feet for decades, long before #footselfies or #ihaveathingwithfloors were a thing. I learnt to turn my analog camera around, line it up and perfectly fit us in the frame – long before there were screens and apps to help. Continue reading “To see or not to see?”

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Thank You Sale


15% OFFWow! How exciting! Thank you!

Gus and Ollie has reached over 600 followers on Instagram! Thank you all so much. It’s such a joy sharing bits and pieces of my world here with you all. Sometimes often, sometimes not so much. From toys I’m making, to kitties, ice cream, nature and more – it’s a mishmash of my colourful world here in Hamburg and beyond.

To celebrate, I have taken 15% off EVERYTHING in my DaWanda Shop, for all my lovely European customers and followers! I haven’t forgotten those of you in Australia, the United States, Canada or elsewhere! Simply visit my Etsy Shop and use the coupon code: SPRING15 at check out for 15 % off everything there too.

There are some really cute characters to choose from at the moment and I’ll be adding new ones to the mix in the next few weeks! There are also some really cute soft Superhero Brooches and Vintage Button Brooches in stock too.

So enjoy! It’s my thank you to you. Please feel free to share this with your friends and family and I look forward to seeing you on Instagram! Both sales end May 31st, 2016. Please be quick, if there is something you have your eye on, there is only one of each!

The monkies and monsters can’t wait to meet you – Pick me! Pick me!

15% Off now



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Studio Life : Meet Minky & Jed


Hi there,

How are you all today? I thought I would let you all in a couple of customs orders I have been working on, because nothing is more rewarding than giving life to someone else’s vision and these were no exception.

These were two extremely different, but equally sweet monkey orders I received, that each had very unique requirements.  Continue reading “Studio Life : Meet Minky & Jed”

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Instagram : July Round Up

Instagram, round up, july, hamburg, germany, gus and ollie, sock monkey, sock game, photography, socks, cat, kitten, british shorthair, expat, travel, abrouad, new york. Friends, can you believe July is over? That’s it’s August already? Crazy isn’t it.

This year has moved in fits and spurts for me – sometimes slow, sometimes fast and sometimes at a glacial pace. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were booking my flight to New York City – a city I have longed to see again for 15 years – and now I’ve been and gone.

So with the ending of my favourite month of the year – my Birthday month – I though it time to do an Instagram round up, to take a little look back a what was a colourful, Summer month in the Northern Hemisphere – full of fun, travel, toys and kitty cats!

Continue reading “Instagram : July Round Up”

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Instagram : May Round Up

gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany, baby, instagram, sock monkey, taking stockHello Friends 🙂

How are you? How has your week been? I thought I would post a small little round up of some of my latest posts to Instagram, just in case you missed them. The month of May seems to have been such a colourful one – which is just the way I like it. Continue reading “Instagram : May Round Up”

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Look Back : April 2015

Having turned over the calendar yesterday, I realised another month has gone. Another month closer to those long, long Summer days, when the sun rises around 5am and doesn’t set before 11pm. Pretty crazy how the days turn into weeks and then with a snap of your fingers, another month has passed, isn’t it?

April saw lots more activity on my blog – having made more time to write, post and share my world with you. I hope you’re enjoying reading about it. So sit back, grab a cuppa and let me take you back on a quick look at my last month…

The blossom trees had just started to bud at the beginning of April – this is my favourite painted wall in Hamburg – and it’s right behind my studio.

Continue reading “Look Back : April 2015”

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As you all know, it’s been a bumper week in Instagram-land. I simply love to capture mini-moments as they happen throughout my day and share them with you. They could be in the studio, walking home, a new creation, a yummy lunch or snapshot of life in Hamburg. It’s a moment by moment, instant photo album to look back on – how cool is that!

Those of you who follow me, will also know I once again participated in the #fmsphotoaday challenge, created by the lovely Fat Mum Slim. Each week, Chantelle creates a great list of photo prompts to help capture the weeks moments. A little inspiration if you will – teaming up with a talented artist or designer each week – to create a new graphic for each list. Continue reading “Instagram : #FMSPHOTOADAY”