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A bit about Home…

Happy New-2

Well hello again!

It’s been such a long time hasn’t it. I thought I would just jump right back in – there’s no other way really. Just start.

Since last we met, there was the Christmas order rush, Christmas, New Year and another wonderful trip home, which inevitably lead to jet lag and the need to acclimatise back to winter in February. But there has also the feeling of getting back into the swing of things here at home in Hamburg and the studio, which makes me happy too. Continue reading “A bit about Home…”

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One + Four = Life : Desktop, Fire, Streetscape & Hooking

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Hi there 🙂

I thought it was about time for another One + Four = Life post. I have been making and photographing and making and photographing these last few weeks, with the view outside my window being as enticing as my studio. Continue reading “One + Four = Life : Desktop, Fire, Streetscape & Hooking”

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Instagram : July Round Up

Instagram, round up, july, hamburg, germany, gus and ollie, sock monkey, sock game, photography, socks, cat, kitten, british shorthair, expat, travel, abrouad, new york. Friends, can you believe July is over? That’s it’s August already? Crazy isn’t it.

This year has moved in fits and spurts for me – sometimes slow, sometimes fast and sometimes at a glacial pace. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were booking my flight to New York City – a city I have longed to see again for 15 years – and now I’ve been and gone.

So with the ending of my favourite month of the year – my Birthday month – I though it time to do an Instagram round up, to take a little look back a what was a colourful, Summer month in the Northern Hemisphere – full of fun, travel, toys and kitty cats!

Continue reading “Instagram : July Round Up”

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Mini Break: A Sock Monkey in Manhattan!

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That’s right! There’s a Sock Monkey loose in NYC and he seems to be making himself quite at home here already! Clive blends in perfectly to this eclectic, colourful, unique landscape, that’s like no where else in the world!

And it’s hot! The public fountains have become local watering holes, parks have become offices and coming from Germany – I’m loving the relief of walking inside to find almost everywhere is air conditioned!

We’re not quite sure how to express our excitement. Even in this humidity, this city is buzzing with a rich, melting pot of culture that is hard to describe – if not to say – typical of New York. There’s no other place like it.  Continue reading “Mini Break: A Sock Monkey in Manhattan!”

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Mini Break : Cricket on Helgoland

Bunte Kuh Collage, Helgoland, Hamburg, Germany, Heligoland Pilgrims, Cricket, Gus and OllieWithout wanting to sound complacent, when you live in Europe you get a little spoilt for choice, when thinking about a weekend away. Living up here in the north of Germany means London, Paris, Copenhagen, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Stockholm are little more than an hour away.

Extend that to 2.5 hours and we can be in Rome or Barcelona. In 4 hours? Athens, Lisbon or Istanbul. In 8 hours? New York or Dubai. Yes- it’s a travellers paradise deciding where to go next. Travelling to any of these places needn’t cost much either, if you’re on a budget – which sometimes makes the choice even harder.

But, after you live here for a while, you sometimes forget what’s right under your nose.

The gems in the country we live now – Germany.

And the island of Helgoland is one of them.  Continue reading “Mini Break : Cricket on Helgoland”


Snapshot : Strawberry Season

Strawberry Season, gus and ollie, hamburg, germany

Hi there Friends 🙂

I am a little late with this post – but as you can see the wait is over! The strawberry huts are now open! Hoorah! They’ve been open a couple weeks already, which means our fridge and bellies have been overflowing with berry goodness.

Firstly – how cute are these huts! I love how they have little sliding and opening doors and windows, converting the shell into a functioning stall. A strawberry transformer if you will. Reminds me of something I would have played with as a child in the 80’s – perhaps from Strawberry Shortcake? Remember her?

Strawberry Season, gus and ollie, hamburg, germany

This delightful lady is serving in the hut closest to my place. Strawberries are sold by weight – mostly in 500g or 1kg tubs. When you stand there, smelling these deliciously homegrown berries – it’s hard not to buy them all. She puts them on the scales, make sure the weight is over the desired request – then adds a few more! So you’re always given more than you pay for.

Strawberry Season, gus and ollie, hamburg, germany

New to me this year, is a loyalty card – where you receive a sticker for every purchase – no matter which hut you purchase from (they are all over the city). Once you’ve accumulated 10 stickers – more free strawberries or berry products! Yay!

They also have homemade strawberry jam & raspberry jam. The bottles you can see are homemade strawberry sauce – which would be added to desserts or perhaps ice cream here. But where I come from, pretty sure it would be used for strawberry milkshakes 🙂 Mmmmmmm.

After a little googling, I’m actually not convinced these huts are Germany wide. Maybe someone out there knows their origin – but they seem to be predominantly a Hamburg thing. Just another reason we love Hamburg!

I wish I could send you all some of these berries – or at least bottle their perfume. One can smell them before you even see the hut – so you only have to follow your nose!

Enjoy your weekend – you can think of us eating berries, in this gorgeous weather!