Thank you!

IMG_7813A huge thank you to all those who came out, on this freezing second Sunday of Advent, to support us at our Christmas Pop Shop event last weekend. You made our afternoon fly by!

I was so busy enjoying your company and wrapping up lots of sweet Christmas gift purchases, that I didn’t even have the chance to take any photos! None. Not even a post on Instagram.

So I can’t share our lovely afternoon with those of you here online – but I can tell you it was lovely. IMG_8191IMG_8006We had visitors from lots of different pockets of friends, who brought their families and friends along too. Thank you all so much for braving the freezing temperatures and sleet to enjoy a warming drink with us!

We also had some new faces stop by who I hope to see again soon. Thank you so much for coming down those three stairs off the street into the warm glow of our studio space.

We had Christmas music playing in the background, candles were (mostly) staying alight against the wind, there was hot tea and Glühwein for our guests to stay warm. There were also lots of delicious homemade Christmas cookies from cookie-making extraordinaire Elissa, of McNe Designs, who was also selling her lovely jewellery as a guest artist for the day.

I walked home as the snow fell rugged up and warm with happiness. Living and working in this beautiful neighborhood makes me so grateful for our life here. Thank you Ottensen. Thank Hamburg for making us feel so at home here.

It’s extra magical covered in this cold white stuff.



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Taking Stock for June

IMG_1996_Can you believe it’s already the last Thursday in June? I feel like I wrote my Taking Stock for May only a week or so ago and yet, here we are. How can a Summer month fly by, while some of the Winter months drag along so slowly?

The weather here is finally heating up and looking spectacular. Hamburg is such a different city in the sunshine and feels like the population doubled overnight!

It seems everyone feels as I do during Winter. I like to be home where it’s warm and cosy. But as soon as that sun comes out – so does everyone else! Hamburgers are like moths to a flame and I am no different. Worshipping the sun in all it’s glory, every chance we get. There’s nothing like moving to Europe to appreciate sunshine.

Well, without further ado…. Continue reading “Taking Stock for June”

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Meet Up Monday : Gideon


Happy happy Monday Friends!

Today is another edition of Meet Up Monday and sock elephant Gideon is hot off the press and looking forward to meeting you. This yellow elephant makes me happy. Don’t you just love his colouring?

With my trademark; one small eye, one big eye and long hot pink lashes, one can see Gideon’s friendly persona shining through. I love how expressive their eyes can be.

And yes – he’s covered, head to toe in candies! Or as they like to say here in Germany – SWEETIES!



In Australia we like to call them lollies – which covers a wide range of candy, including the chewy ones, the one’s that nearly break your teeth, the ones on a stick and the ones covered in chocolate. We don’t discriminate when it comes to lollies back home and as a self proclaimed sweet tooth, I pretty much love them all.



Gideon’s arms, legs and ears are all covered in lolly pops, gummies, gum balls and liquorice sticks. I can almost smell the lollies from here. You can see from the back, there is a sweetie smorgasbord as well.


And just like all my other Gus and Ollie toys, his butt adorns the handmade stamp of approval – so you know it was me, myself and I who created this little guy just for you!

IMG_2274You can find Gideon in my Etsy shop right now. Simply click here and please feel free to share the link with someone you think just might need a lolly-covered-sock-elephant in their life 😉

Doesn’t everyone?

Enjoy the beginning of your week and I’ll see you tomorrow for my June Taking Stock!

Love Jess



Meet Up Monday : Abercrombie


Today on Meet Up Monday, we meet the latest G&O Sock Elephant Abercrombie! Made from the sweetest mini diamond Happy Socks, Abercrombie is sure to melt some hearts.

I love the colours in these socks and the tiny diamond motif works perfectly with my original elephant pattern, don’t you think? Continue reading “Meet Up Monday : Abercrombie”

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A bit about Home…

Happy New-2

Well hello again!

It’s been such a long time hasn’t it. I thought I would just jump right back in – there’s no other way really. Just start.

Since last we met, there was the Christmas order rush, Christmas, New Year and another wonderful trip home, which inevitably lead to jet lag and the need to acclimatise back to winter in February. But there has also the feeling of getting back into the swing of things here at home in Hamburg and the studio, which makes me happy too. Continue reading “A bit about Home…”

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Studio Life : Meet Minky & Jed


Hi there,

How are you all today? I thought I would let you all in a couple of customs orders I have been working on, because nothing is more rewarding than giving life to someone else’s vision and these were no exception.

These were two extremely different, but equally sweet monkey orders I received, that each had very unique requirements.  Continue reading “Studio Life : Meet Minky & Jed”


Favourite Find : Mylys • my local yarn shop

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I think it’s wonderful when something serendipitous happens, don’t you? The chance decision to go and look for a coffee, down a street we don’t usually go, found us falling into the most delightful cafe, that just happens to be directly connected to a wool and yarn shop! Bingo!

The name of this gorgeous little wonderland is Mylys. From the street, you see Myly’s cafe on the left and Mylys yarn store on the right. They both have their own front doors – but once you’re inside, you see they are connected by a small opening in the adjoining wall – tempting coffee drinkers to take up knitting and knitters to buy a coffee. Win-win, I say!

I couldn’t let another moment pass, without sharing some of this special place with you.
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