Meet Up Mondays

Meet Up Monday : Alistair


I hope you’ve all had a lovely Monday. It’s a public holiday here and we’ve been simultaneously recovering from a wonderful day & night of friends, fun and games, to celebrate my Hubby’s birthday while enjoying what may be our last sunny day this week. Thus apologies for squeezing this post in at the eleventh hour literally, but I think this little cutie is worth meeting tonight.

Meet mini monkey Alistair!

Alistair is super soft to touch and loves cuddles! He’s made from a pair of baby socks, in the sweetest combination of blues. Did I mention I love blue? His ears and back are covered in tiny puffy spots, which make for an extra sensory experience. Continue reading “Meet Up Monday : Alistair”

Fun One Friday

Fun One Friday : Photo-a-day May

Photo a day May

I thought today would be a great day to do an Instagram round up of all the photos I’ve posted to my Instagram account, for the Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-day Challenge for the month of May. Do you know about it? It’s such a great way to get you posting and a lovely way to connect to the greater Instagram community.

It’s not easy to keep up with these prompts sometimes, but I was pretty determined this month not to miss one. Such great prompts once again from the lovely Chantelle. I love how they really make you look at your world differently each day. I try to look at the prompt early, then keep it in mind as I go about my day.

So without further ado, here are my 31 posts for the month of May:

Untitled design
L-R : Window / No Filter / Skyline / Inside My Home
Untitled design-2
L-R : On My Plate / Nature / Wish / Paint / Stairs / I love… / Eyes / Wire / Free Choice
Untitled design-3
L-R : Quirky / Begins with A / Street Art / Clouds / Pastel / Learn / Music / Memories / Sometimes I..
Untitled design-4
L-R : Simplicity / Hat / Linen / Quote / Shop / Depth of Field / I Want To Eat This / In My Hand / Something Red

Thousands of people around the world now join in every month over on Instagram and you can too! Just follow the prompts for June below, tag your photos #FMSPAD. Check out the #FMSPAD hashtag to see all the other photos; like them, comment on them.

Then you can check out @littlemomentsapp, where a Fab Four is picked for every prompt, from the photos shared under this hashtag. I have been lucky enough to be featured twice so far!

Here are the prompts for June and if you plan to join in, be sure to let me know!


I look forward to connecting with you over on Instagram!

Love Jess


What's up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday : Naming process


IMG_0949Today, like most weeks, I spent some time naming some of the latest additions to the Gus and Ollie clan. Sometimes a name jumps right off the page and fits perfectly, other times I search and search, trying to find the perfect name to fit those cute little faces.

The questions I am asked the most about my process are How do you name them? And how do you remember which names you’ve already used? Well, the answer is pretty simple.

Continue reading “What’s Up Wednesday : Naming process”

Taking Stock

Taking Stock for May

IMG_0522Today is the last Tuesday in May, so I am stopping to take stock on where things are at, up here in my neck of the woods.

Taking Stock for May

Making: Taggy Giraffes and a Cosy Stripe blanket.
Cooking: A meaty Bolognese with extra veggies and zucchini noodles.
Drinking: Cold water with ice and fresh lime.
Reading: The Miracle Morning : 6 habits that will transform your life before 8am by Hal Elrod. Now to just put it in to practice!
Trawling: always Instagram. Never for anything in particular, I just love looking at everyone’s beautiful images.
Wanting: all the ironing to be magically finished, without lifting a finger.
Looking: for a way to hang Minty’s handmade cave from the roof for Summer. Continue reading “Taking Stock for May”

Meet Up Mondays

Meet Up Monday : Georgie


IMG_0968Well if you can believe it, it’s already Meet Up Monday once again and today I want to introduce you to sock monkey Georgie. Isn’t she just the cutest?

Georgie hasn’t been with our Gus and Ollie family very long, as I only finished putting her together last week. She is technically a mini monkey – but has extra long arms and legs – making her a little cuddlier than the normal sized mini monkeys. 

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What's up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday : More Taggy Giraffes



Well, as fate would have it, my very first What’s Up Wednesday post is already a day late. But I thought I would post it today anyway. I am hoping to get on top of things before next week.

What’s Up in the studio right now? Lots and lots of my Taggy Giraffes, my original design. These cute little, labor intensive Giraffe’s of mine are fast becoming my bestseller – flying out the door almost as fast as I can make them, photograph them and post them online.

I made a batch of gender neutral / masculine one’s last time – so thought I would throw a few more feminine prints and colours into the mix this time, to satisfy the girly girls among us too. Continue reading “What’s Up Wednesday : More Taggy Giraffes”


Meet Up Monday : Abercrombie


Today on Meet Up Monday, we meet the latest G&O Sock Elephant Abercrombie! Made from the sweetest mini diamond Happy Socks, Abercrombie is sure to melt some hearts.

I love the colours in these socks and the tiny diamond motif works perfectly with my original elephant pattern, don’t you think? Continue reading “Meet Up Monday : Abercrombie”