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Snapshot : My ride home

My ride home - Gus and Ollie, Hamburg, germany, handmade, sock monkey, atelier e-37, ottensen, altona, spring time, blossom trees, grateful, sunshine, blue skies.My ride home - Gus and Ollie, HamburgMy ride home - Gus and Ollie, Hamburg

I am so often stuck by the beauty around me here in Hamburg and it usually happens on a sunny afternoon, as I leisurely ride my bike the very short distance home. Having my studio so close to home, often means I take the ‘long way’ on days like today – the ride home is too short!

Riding through the winding streets of Ottensen, my beloved Hamburg neighbourhood, I never get tired of seeing this space lit up with sunshine. The trees are budding green, the houses stand bright, cobblestones as far as the eye can see. There are people everywhere – bringing the playgrounds and parks to life, eating ice cream, riding bikes, sitting and worshiping the sun. The birds are singing and you can’t help but smile. It’s days like this, I take out my camera and try to capture the atmosphere here.

Spring has most definitely arrived, but the blossom tress I shot last week, are already turning green – in preparation for Summer. I thought I would share with you their changing moments before they’re gone again for another year. This is the park I photographed just last week – see the green peaking through the blossoms? Soon the wind will have taken all those blooms away – the petals fill the streets like snowflakes.

My ride home - Gus and Ollie, HamburgMy ride home - Gus and Ollie, HamburgMy ride home - Gus and Ollie, HamburgMy ride home - Gus and Ollie, Hamburg

That’s my ride home. I wish I could bring you all into this very special place and show you around on my bike. It’s magical at this time of year and I am so grateful to be able to live like this. Can you tell I’m pretty pleased Spring is here?

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week – thanks for tuning in.



10 thoughts on “Snapshot : My ride home

  1. Your part of the world looks absolutely glorious and I have to confess I am extremely jealous. It’s always been my dream to live in Europe (or anywhere in the northern hemisphere really) to experience that lovely change of seasons you have. Here in Queensland it just seems to be hot all year round, although we are coming into some lovely cooler weather at the moment. Beautiful photos Jess. x

    1. Thanks Deb, you’re welcome here anytime! And I have to say that’s one of the things I love about Europe – the seasonal changes help the year go by – always something to look forward to 🙂 Staying cool is something we never worry about here – so enjoy it while you can!

  2. Oh my goodness, that blossom and the blue sky, so gorgeous! I lived in Germany for 1 year as an exchange student and I remember how wonderful it is when the blue skies return after winter. Actually for the part of the time I lived an hour or so from Hamburg and sometimes visited Hamburg, I remember it as beautiful, but your photos are just stunning. Thanks for sharing them and a glimpse of your life. Emily x

    1. Hey Emily, wow – so you’re almost a local! Thanks so much – I only hope my photos capture the moment and feeling – so glad they did for you and your fond memories of Hamburg xo

  3. SO pretty! The pictures of the spring blossoms are gorgeous.
    I lived in Europe for ten years and loved to see the change of seasons reflected in the foliage. Now I live in the tropics and we don’t really have seasons, let alone deciduous trees!

    1. Thanks Tarnya, they never get old do they? We’ve been here over 7 years now and I continue to photograph then year after year without any diminished sense of wonder.

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