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Travel : Happy New Year

Coming into this New Year, I am reminded how lucky I am to be able to call two amazing cities home. On average, I spend 10 months a year in Hamburg, Germany and 2 months a year mainly in Melbourne, Australia – during Summer.

Gus and ollie hamburg
Summer holidays for these lucky monkies.

Hamburgers ( mostly Germans in general) dream about going to Australia – although can not fathom a flight soooooo long! While most Australians often spend many years saving their pennies – and their holidays, in order to visit Europe – never once mentioning how long the flight will be!

Interesting isn’t it – growing up in Australia – a continent/island – miles away from anywhere, we never really contemplate how far away things are – they just are. If you want to fly to Asia, America or Europe – it’s a given you’ll be on a plane for a good part of a day or more. Most Europeans I’ve met, couldn’t imagine a flight longer than about 6 hours – which would get me to New York City or the South of Spain. So naturally Australia to them is almost like a magic land.

A day never goes by without someone asking me why on earth we would live here – when we could live in Australia. And not a day goes by, that I don’t regret moving here to be with my Hubby, so we can follow our dreams together.

May your 2014 be filled with happiness and little regret. Remember to notice the little things that make you happy and smile every day.

Here are a few highlights of my time spent in this lovely land I am lucky enough to call home, at least for now.



Lorne, Victoria, Australia

20140102_144451 2

IMG_20131221_145002 2


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    1. Thank you so much for commenting Pips 🙂 Germany is an amazing place – a photo around pretty much every corner. If you do get to Berlin, please drop me a line! Maybe we can meet there for a coffee 😉

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