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Market : Yay!

It’s that time again….Market Time! I actually really love working towards a new and exciting market…those big and small. It gives me, an often, much needed goal to work towards. There’s really nothing like a deadline to keep you motivated, excited and focused….so market preparation time is always bursting with busy….but so much fun at the same time!

The Monkies, Sock-e-phants, Bunnies, Snail, Doggies & I will be at the

COCO-MAT Kunsthandwerker Markt


It starts from 11am until 6pm. You can find it here!

As soon as you walk into their Hamburg store, there is an air of calm. Check out some of the photos here. The  Handmade Market, will take place within their beautiful store. COCO-MATT‘s Hamburg shop, is the Flagship store in Germany, originating in Greece. It sells the most amazing organic mattresses, bedding and furniture I have ever seen. If you live with someone who has any kind of allergy related sensitivities, COCO-MAT is the place to furnish your house! We have already invested in their amazing pillows and sleep soundly every night.


Some of the studio happenings of late…

Lots of Sock-e-phants in the making….these guys are selling almost as fast as I can make them!

Check out the sideshow below, to see some of the new Gus and Ollie Sock-e-phant faces 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope to see you at the market this weekend!!! Come and say hello!


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