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Studio Life : Latest happenings…

Gus and Ollie Hamburg

Sometimes I find myself writing a blog post in my head, while riding my bike to the studio. Sometimes while finishing a little guy, thinking about introducing him to the world. But for some reason, I never seem to sit down and write. I’m not sure why.

Even though there isn’t too much happening here in the blogosphere, there are always things happening in the Gus and Ollie Studio. My priority seems to be in the making.

I still get excited every day, over new sock combinations and finished friends.

Keeping both my Etsy and &Able online stores stocked, with many and varied toys, is also a pleasure.

Just listing one item, is the culmination of many and many hours of work:

  • Designing the item
  • Gathering the appropriate materials
  • Actually making the item
  • Naming the item
  • Measuring the item
  • Making the packaging for that item
  • Photographing the item
  • Editing the photographs
  • Uploading the photographs
  • Writing a small story for that item
  • Then finally publishing the item, for sale online.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Gus and Ollie Sock-e-phants

Then after all that, it’s time to promote the item.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Blog
  • Pinterest

This process is repeated over and over again, for each and every new creation that I make. And it’s an absolute pleasure to do it. I am grateful every day, for being able to do what I love for a living.

It’s just nice to remember sometimes, that it’s ok that I don’t blog every day or even every week, like so many bloggers I follow, do.

That being said, I have decided to let my photos do the taking for this post. These are the latest studio happenings, here in Hamburg:

Gus and Ollie Hamburg
A Squid, a monkey and a Tooth Monster.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Gus and Ollie Sock-e-phants
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Cuddling Monkies
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
This monkey family was shipped to a very special family in Victoria, Australia
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Happy families
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Such a happy family we are.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Happy Socks Sock Monkies.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
I love this shot.

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