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Market : Coco-Mat ‘Twas fun

Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Me and my Gus & Ollie Family

Another market over, but what an amazing day! Yep, that’s me and my Menagerie! Don’t they look fantastic together. They’re very cuddly too 😉 The lovely Kostas, Konny & Katy of COCO-MAT were kind enough to let us come by last Saturday to set up, making Sunday morning completely stress-free!

Gus and Ollie Hamburg
The beautiful front window of Coco-Mat Hamburg.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Some of my studio buddies setting up their stand.

We were able to meet our fellow creatives and get a sneak peak of what they were selling. It’s always so nice to see what other people are up to in their little creative worlds….

Before arriving at the shop on Saturday, I had envisioned setting up my Sock Family on one of the beds. But after a small discussion with the lovely Katy, we decided the couch area in the window would not only be a great area to place my many babies…but made the window pop with colour too. She even replaced a multicoloured floor rug, with a more neutral one, to show them off even more.

We were blown away by COCO-MAT’s willingness to accommodate our every wish.

*remember – just click on any of the photos for a closer look*

The scarves you can see behind my nook, are by the very talented label: Birds and Flowers.

Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Gus and Ollie Hamburg Gus and Ollie set up inside Coco-Mat, Hamburg.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Gus and Ollie postcards.

Here you can see my postcard range, with two new postcards complete with bunting.

I was lucky enough to be attending this market with two of my fellow studio mates from Atelier E-37:

Jana Fakla with her handcrafted fabric Accessories and

Paola Capelo with her beautiful mosaic works.

Gus and Ollie Hamburg.
The lovely work of Paola Capelo & Jana Fakla.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg.
Such a lovely set up.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg.
Fabric brooches and mosaic works
Gus and Ollie Hamburg.
Such a lovely variety.

Market Day!!!

We had so many lovely familiar faces come through the door, as well as some new ones. Thank you so much to each and every one of you. You made our day!

Gus and Ollie Hamburg.
This little munchkin was fascinated.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg.
Some of the Aussie Hamburg boys came to visit me 🙂
Gus and Ollie Hamburg.
Some of our lovely customers.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg.
Market day at Coco-Mat, Hamburg.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg.
Which one to grab first?!)
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
I see you! Cheeky little fella…and I thought the Monkies were a challenge!

A huge thank you to all who came to see us, to those who made some lovely purchases and to Coco-Mat Hamburg. It was lovely.


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