Taking Stock

Taking Stock for May

IMG_0522Today is the last Tuesday in May, so I am stopping to take stock on where things are at, up here in my neck of the woods.

Taking Stock for May

Making: Taggy Giraffes and a Cosy Stripe blanket.
Cooking: A meaty Bolognese with extra veggies and zucchini noodles.
Drinking: Cold water with ice and fresh lime.
Reading: The Miracle Morning : 6 habits that will transform your life before 8am by Hal Elrod. Now to just put it in to practice!
Trawling: always Instagram. Never for anything in particular, I just love looking at everyone’s beautiful images.
Wanting: all the ironing to be magically finished, without lifting a finger.
Looking: for a way to hang Minty’s handmade cave from the roof for Summer.
Deciding: to eat well every day.
Wishing: there was a faster and easier way to prepare healthy meals.
Enjoying: row after row of my next crochet project – a Cosy Stripe Blanket pattern by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24.IMG_9207
Waiting: for our new blinds to be delivered, in time for the Summer sun.
Liking: soy milk in my coffee. A big change for me, but it’s sweetness and nutty flavour are delicious and better for me.
Wondering: what I can do to make my Hubby’s birthday special on Sunday.
Loving: throwing on my sandals and a short sleeved cardie to ride my bike. Beats wearing a hat, scarf, coat and gloves any day!
Pondering: how the rest of this year will pan out and what I want to achieve.
Listening: to the Joel Havea Trio’s new album Setting Sail  – love your work Joel, Leo & Arnd. Also loving my Spotify subscription.
Considering: a cooling mat my poor kitty, who can’t take off her fur coat in this heat.
Buying: and preparing lots of veggies every day. It’s asparagus season!IMG_1192
Watching: Designated Survivor and the new season of Bloodline on netflix.
the packages I have been waiting for will finally arrive today.
Marvelling: at my Hubby’s achievements. So proud of him.
Cringing: mostly at the news on a daily basis. When will the world get better?
Needing: to get to the gym more this week. I’ve got my playlists ready.
Questioning: why some say things happen for a reason. I think this is a cop out.
Smelling: BBQ‘s everywhere, now the sun is out.
Wearing: lots of things I haven’t for a while, now I’m a little smaller than I was.
Noticing: so much green. I love having green on the trees again. Hamburg looks completely different in colour.IMG_0728
Knowing: how lucky I am, every day and that I can do anything I put my mind to.
Thinking: about what I might embark on next.
Admiring: the beautiful blanket my Mum just finished making, just for her. Stunning Mum.
Getting: pretty sweaty in this humidity.
Bookmarking: lots of healthy recipes. I’ve never has so many spices in my spice rack!
Opening: fresh coffee beans this morning. Nothing like grinding a fresh batch first thing in the morning.IMG_0592
Closing: the doors on winter coats, beanies and fur lined boots. Hopefully they won’t need to come out again until October. Dry-cleaning season has arrived!
Feeling: better than I have for a while now. Healthier, fitter, happier and hopeful.
Hearing: lots of rolling thunder and hard pelting rain on our windows early this morning, so much so it woke me up – which is very unusual in apartment living. Now it’s clear again!
Celebrating: weddings, parties and Eurovision!
Pretending: I’m on a beach back home. The view is a little different – but I’ll take what I can get.IMG_1167
Embracing: Summer, Hamburg and all that living abroad has to offer. We remember every day how lucky we are to be living this life together.

Here’s a list for you to copy and paste, if you feel like doing your own list.

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Happy Tuesday! I hope this finds you well,

Love Jess


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock for May

  1. Love all the things in your post except questioning. I love Lucy in Attic 24 in Enjoying – couldn’t recognise the blanket then realise your’ve chosen your own colours. I have Lucy’s Cupcakes waiting in my craft room to start one day. Love to you both and Minty Xxx

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