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Instagram : July Round Up

Friends, can you believe July is over? That's it's August already? Crazy isn't it. This year has moved in fits and spurts for me - sometimes slow, sometimes fast and sometimes at a glacial pace. It doesn't seem that long ago we were booking my flight to New York City - a city I have… Continue reading Instagram : July Round Up


Snapshot: New Kitty + New lens + Sunshine = Magic!

Hi there. How has your week been? I couldn't let these pictures be saved to my hard drive without being shared. Aren't they lush? After my Canon DSLR decided to freeze up on me in New York, I finally collected it from the shop today, repaired and ready to go! Yay! I have been itching to try… Continue reading Snapshot: New Kitty + New lens + Sunshine = Magic!


Snapshot: Welcome Minty

Something pretty special happened last weekend. Last Sunday, just five days before my birthday, we adopted this beautiful little girl - who we like to call Minty. Isn't she lovely? She is a pure bred Silver and Black Tabby British Shorthair kitten. She is 15.5 weeks old and has brought such fun and happiness into… Continue reading Snapshot: Welcome Minty