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A bit about Home…

Happy New-2

Well hello again!

It’s been such a long time hasn’t it. I thought I would just jump right back in – there’s no other way really. Just start.

Since last we met, there was the Christmas order rush, Christmas, New Year and another wonderful trip home, which inevitably lead to jet lag and the need to acclimatise back to winter in February. But there has also the feeling of getting back into the swing of things here at home in Hamburg and the studio, which makes me happy too.

I find the beginning of each year a little bit of a rollercoaster – so thanks for bearing with me until now. How has your year been so far?


We were lucky enough to have a few lovely snow covered days here in Hamburg, before flying to summer in Melbourne. Snow is so much nicer than rain, isn’t it?  Even though it’s usually colder when it snows, there’s just something about the white stuff. It turns our neighbourhood into a fairytale.  Continue reading “A bit about Home…”

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Instagram : July Round Up

Instagram, round up, july, hamburg, germany, gus and ollie, sock monkey, sock game, photography, socks, cat, kitten, british shorthair, expat, travel, abrouad, new york. Friends, can you believe July is over? That’s it’s August already? Crazy isn’t it.

This year has moved in fits and spurts for me – sometimes slow, sometimes fast and sometimes at a glacial pace. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were booking my flight to New York City – a city I have longed to see again for 15 years – and now I’ve been and gone.

So with the ending of my favourite month of the year – my Birthday month – I though it time to do an Instagram round up, to take a little look back a what was a colourful, Summer month in the Northern Hemisphere – full of fun, travel, toys and kitty cats!

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Mini Break: A Sock Monkey in Manhattan!

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That’s right! There’s a Sock Monkey loose in NYC and he seems to be making himself quite at home here already! Clive blends in perfectly to this eclectic, colourful, unique landscape, that’s like no where else in the world!

And it’s hot! The public fountains have become local watering holes, parks have become offices and coming from Germany – I’m loving the relief of walking inside to find almost everywhere is air conditioned!

We’re not quite sure how to express our excitement. Even in this humidity, this city is buzzing with a rich, melting pot of culture that is hard to describe – if not to say – typical of New York. There’s no other place like it.  Continue reading “Mini Break: A Sock Monkey in Manhattan!”

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Look Back : April 2015

Having turned over the calendar yesterday, I realised another month has gone. Another month closer to those long, long Summer days, when the sun rises around 5am and doesn’t set before 11pm. Pretty crazy how the days turn into weeks and then with a snap of your fingers, another month has passed, isn’t it?

April saw lots more activity on my blog – having made more time to write, post and share my world with you. I hope you’re enjoying reading about it. So sit back, grab a cuppa and let me take you back on a quick look at my last month…

The blossom trees had just started to bud at the beginning of April – this is my favourite painted wall in Hamburg – and it’s right behind my studio.

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Mini break : Oxford

IMG_1960I had never been to Oxford before – and the above photo that I took, not long after we arrived is pretty much what I expected to see in Oxford. From the little I knew – it is a University town. It is old and historic and the two things I really wanted to do when we got there? Browse all the bookstores and have a pot pie! Simple pleasures.

But Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK was so much more than that. Continue reading “Mini break : Oxford”

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Mini Break : Amsterdam

Clive loves to travel with us too ;)
Clive loves to travel with us too 😉
Amsterdam @gusandollie
Only a glimpse of the homemade cakes on offer here!

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Mini Break : Copenhagen

Yay - we're in Copenhagen!
Yay – we’re in Copenhagen!
Clive was wishing he'd brought his bike ;)
Clive was wishing he’d brought his bike 😉

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