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Meet Up Monday : Alistair


I hope you’ve all had a lovely Monday. It’s a public holiday here and we’ve been simultaneously recovering from a wonderful day & night of friends, fun and games, to celebrate my Hubby’s birthday while enjoying what may be our last sunny day this week. Thus apologies for squeezing this post in at the eleventh hour literally, but I think this little cutie is worth meeting tonight.

Meet mini monkey Alistair!

Alistair is super soft to touch and loves cuddles! He’s made from a pair of baby socks, in the sweetest combination of blues. Did I mention I love blue? His ears and back are covered in tiny puffy spots, which make for an extra sensory experience.

Alistair’s eyes, nose and mouth are embroidered using one piece of cotton, to make him extra baby friendly. It’s amazing how, even with closed sleepy eyes, this little guy still has so much character in his face. Maybe he’s dreaming about sweets? Maybe he’s thinking up something fun to do tomorrow? He just looks so peaceful, don’t you think?

Alistair measures a tiny 22cm / 8.5 inches from head to toe and just like all Gus and Ollie family members his butt is labelled – Handmade in Germany. So if you need a sweet little guy for someone special, handmade and one-of-a-kind, Alistair is ready and waiting to hear from you.

You can find him in my Etsy Shop now.

I’ll see you Wednesday, so have a lovely Tuesday everybody.

Love Jess




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