Fun One Friday

Fun One Friday : Photo-a-day May

Photo a day May

I thought today would be a great day to do an Instagram round up of all the photos I’ve posted to my Instagram account, for the Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-day Challenge for the month of May. Do you know about it? It’s such a great way to get you posting and a lovely way to connect to the greater Instagram community.

It’s not easy to keep up with these prompts sometimes, but I was pretty determined this month not to miss one. Such great prompts once again from the lovely Chantelle. I love how they really make you look at your world differently each day. I try to look at the prompt early, then keep it in mind as I go about my day.

So without further ado, here are my 31 posts for the month of May:

Untitled design
L-R : Window / No Filter / Skyline / Inside My Home
Untitled design-2
L-R : On My Plate / Nature / Wish / Paint / Stairs / I love… / Eyes / Wire / Free Choice
Untitled design-3
L-R : Quirky / Begins with A / Street Art / Clouds / Pastel / Learn / Music / Memories / Sometimes I..
Untitled design-4
L-R : Simplicity / Hat / Linen / Quote / Shop / Depth of Field / I Want To Eat This / In My Hand / Something Red

Thousands of people around the world now join in every month over on Instagram and you can too! Just follow the prompts for June below, tag your photos #FMSPAD. Check out the #FMSPAD hashtag to see all the other photos; like them, comment on them.

Then you can check out @littlemomentsapp, where a Fab Four is picked for every prompt, from the photos shared under this hashtag. I have been lucky enough to be featured twice so far!

Here are the prompts for June and if you plan to join in, be sure to let me know!


I look forward to connecting with you over on Instagram!

Love Jess



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