Meet Up Monday : Abercrombie


Today on Meet Up Monday, we meet the latest G&O Sock Elephant Abercrombie! Made from the sweetest mini diamond Happy Socks, Abercrombie is sure to melt some hearts.

I love the colours in these socks and the tiny diamond motif works perfectly with my original elephant pattern, don’t you think?


The little pops of colour really work with this gorgeous blue – one of my favourite colours, and the contrast of the black diamond halves gives him depth and accent. I know – that’s a lot to gain out of a pair of socks, but I look at so many socks every day and believe me when I say, there are socks that work and those that don’t and  these really work!


As always, Abercrombie has his Gus and Ollie label smack bang in the middle of his butt, which also reads Handmade in Germany, making these toys a little extra special to gift. I love that the diamonds continue on the back of all his limbs, on the bottom of all his feet and even on his teeny, tiny tail.


From the back you see a remnant from the Happy Socks labelling on his right ear, which is just the luck of the draw. These remnants never phase me, I feel it’s all just part of the process. They are made from a pair of socks after all.

All my Sock Elephants contain a soft sounding rattle, sewn deep inside his plump little belly. I think gives them that extra little bit of interest for my smallest recipients. Abercrombie is available now on Etsy – and remember – there’s only ever ONE!

So if you want him, you better head over there and adopt him now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very first edition of Meet Up Monday – hopefully the first of many more!


This is not a sponsored post and these opinions are my own. 


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