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Studio Life : Meet Minky & Jed


Hi there,

How are you all today? I thought I would let you all in a couple of customs orders I have been working on, because nothing is more rewarding than giving life to someone else’s vision and these were no exception.

These were two extremely different, but equally sweet monkey orders I received, that each had very unique requirements. 

The first, on the left, a Winter monkey was specifically requested, which will ultimately become a Christmas gift here in Hamburg.

I had very few winter socks in stock at the time, but once these were chosen and I suggested pastel coloured eyes and embroidery, she knew they would be perfect for what she had in mind.

In no time, Minky was breaking hearts on Instagram & Facebook and I am quite sure she will be loved to pieces by her nearly 1.5 year old big sister, this Christmas ❤


The second request came all the way from Australia, with colour being the only requirement. But these colours were a little unique.

The Brisbane Lions are an Australian Football team, from Queensland  and their colours are Royal blue, burgundy and bright yellow!

I have to say I was a little concerned, thinking there is no way I am going to find a pair of socks like that in my stash!

So I thought a little outside the box, started to mix and match and before I knew it – I had the colours my lovely customer was looking for!

I sent him the working photo on the left, to give him an idea of what I could see. He thought it was a great suggestion and loved the ombre tones from burgundy to yellow. The royal blue and white polka dot arms, tail and ears really makes this monkey pop!

So meet Jed – named after the 2014 captain of the Brisbane Lions; Jed Adcock. Such a handsome fella, who now lives with a family and their new addition in Victoria, Australia. I’m sure they’re all well and happy.

It is not the first time I have had football team colours as a request! Remember Makie Cat?  Commissioned for a pair of mad AFL Geelong Cats supporters and also named accordingly?

The lovely Sarah of Zinc Moon, continues to document Mackie Cat’s adventures on her blog & Instagram, which I love!

This is Mackie hanging out in Hamburg – before he was sent to Sarah in Victoria, Australia.


Do you have favourite football team colours? School colours? Need a mascot for work or play? Then please feel free to email me!

There is no obligation until you find something you know you’ll love and I’ll always do my best to find something as close to your preferences as possible. What did we do before email?

Ciao from the studio and thanks for stopping by!






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