One + Four = Life

One + Four = Life : Kitten, Wool, Elephant & Blooms

one plus four = life, gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany, baby, instagram, sock monkey, myles, yarn, wool, shopHellooooooo!

I am actually still here, alive and well. I apologise for being absent of late – how are you? Thank you for hanging in there.

It’s lovely to be back, sharing a few photos with you of what’s been happening recently.

It’s been a pretty busy summer – one to remember – with lots of sunshine, travel and kitty photos of course. I still plan to share some tidbits of our trips here, there and everywhere – so stay tuned for those in the coming weeks.

I thought I would kick this Sunday off with another One + Four = Life post – a great way to give you a snippet of what’s been happening, in this colourful world we live.

kitten, gus and ollie, hamburg, germany, british shorthair, silver black tabbygus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany, baby, instagram, sock monkey, myles, yarn, wool, shopgus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany, baby, instagram, sock monkeyflowers, blooms, hamburg, germany, botanical gardens, gus and ollie

One: Kitten

This beautiful kitten is now 7 months old. We adopted her when she was 4 months and she’s grown into our world seamlessly. It’s like she’s always been here – although I now spend an increasing amount of time on the floor and there are cat toys everywhere! She is as soft as she looks, doesn’t shed much fur and as gentle as can be, making her a dream to look after. We named her Minty and her markings are exactly symmetrical on either side, right down to her paws and tummy. This was taken early one morning, as she took over my Hubby’s side of the bed while he was away.

Two: Wool

My Hubby and I decided to go for a walk the other day and stumbled into a cafe called Mylys. I had been there once before many years ago – but completely forgot that it is connected to an amazing wool store. Wool/yarn and craft supplies in general, are not easy to find here in Germany. There are very few big super stores – or even chains – which means we rely on fabric markets and boutiques like this one for our crafty fix. It’s like heaven! There are classes and even a knitting night once a month. I plan to write a whole post dedicated to this very special little hole-in-the-wall very soon.

Three: Elephant

One of my gorgeous nieces (I have 6!) mentioned last time I was home that she’d like an Elephant. She never asks for much – so I wrote down a few of her favourite colours – blue & rainbow – and noted that she didn’t want to have a rattle inside it. I proceeded to send her some photos of socks I had available, once I returned to Hamburg and my studio. I was told the process of narrowing her choice down to one pair of socks was difficult – she’s not great at making decisions. But I am pretty sure she’ll be very happy with her choice when she meets Delilah at Christmas time 🙂

Four: Blooms

I am an expat – living about as far from home as I could be and lucky enough to have parents that can easily travel and visit. I don’t take for granted that they not only have the means, but also their health to make this trip – often. It’s a looooong flight and the jet lag only seems to get harder the more you do it. This photo was from an afternoon when my Mum was visiting Hamburg from Melbourne. We decided at the last minute to jump off the train and have a look at the Botanical Gardens – thinking this time of year would be beautiful. We were not disappointed and were so happy to have made the spontaneous decision to walk only a few meters from the train station into these stunning gardens. It was like stepping into another world. These flowers look so happy, don’t you think? I have no idea what they’re called – but I love them.

That’s a little snippet of what’s happening here. What’s going on in your world? Do you take photos of moments or things you want to remember? What do you do with them then? I’d love to know – I have so many!!

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “One + Four = Life : Kitten, Wool, Elephant & Blooms

  1. Lovely snaps, Jess! I am getting better at taking photos to remind me of the special moments I come across in life. How fortunate to have your mum and dad come to visit you and to build Hamburg memories together. Looking forward to your Mylys post. That wool looks beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn! I feel very fortunate to be living this life indeed! Will be posting about Mylys this week – the photos are amazing!! The place is amazing 😉

    1. It’s a lovely way to connect and share a few pics isn’t it Emily 🙂 It was great that my Mum could meet Minty – Minty loved watching her knit! Thanks for the link – I didn’t realise – I love being part of this blogging community xx

  2. Lovely photos! Deliah is a delightful elephant and I am sure your niece will love her. The flowers are beautiful and how nice that your Mum gets to visit. Living so far away from family is so hard, I wish we could just pop back to the UK whenever we want too. The wool shop looks like it has a great selection, good luck trying to make a decision in there!

  3. Hi Jess! Thrilled to have you on board for One + Four = Life, even if only occasionally (no pressure!). Going to the Botanic Gardens with mum is exactly the kind of thing I would do too. International visits from your mum are really nice, aren’t they? And on the topic of botanic gardens, I actually went to the Hangzhou Botanic Gardens yesterday (in China) and it was amazing how quickly the rush of tourists faded away once you were inside those gates. There was even a traditional tea house by a lake full of fish, it was a peaceful haven. Botanic gardens are the best. Also, I am in love with your cat Minty. She is beautiful and looks so sweet and gentle. x

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