Snapshot : Strawberry Season

Strawberry Season, gus and ollie, hamburg, germany

Hi there Friends 🙂

I am a little late with this post – but as you can see the wait is over! The strawberry huts are now open! Hoorah! They’ve been open a couple weeks already, which means our fridge and bellies have been overflowing with berry goodness.

Firstly – how cute are these huts! I love how they have little sliding and opening doors and windows, converting the shell into a functioning stall. A strawberry transformer if you will. Reminds me of something I would have played with as a child in the 80’s – perhaps from Strawberry Shortcake? Remember her?

Strawberry Season, gus and ollie, hamburg, germany

This delightful lady is serving in the hut closest to my place. Strawberries are sold by weight – mostly in 500g or 1kg tubs. When you stand there, smelling these deliciously homegrown berries – it’s hard not to buy them all. She puts them on the scales, make sure the weight is over the desired request – then adds a few more! So you’re always given more than you pay for.

Strawberry Season, gus and ollie, hamburg, germany

New to me this year, is a loyalty card – where you receive a sticker for every purchase – no matter which hut you purchase from (they are all over the city). Once you’ve accumulated 10 stickers – more free strawberries or berry products! Yay!

They also have homemade strawberry jam & raspberry jam. The bottles you can see are homemade strawberry sauce – which would be added to desserts or perhaps ice cream here. But where I come from, pretty sure it would be used for strawberry milkshakes 🙂 Mmmmmmm.

After a little googling, I’m actually not convinced these huts are Germany wide. Maybe someone out there knows their origin – but they seem to be predominantly a Hamburg thing. Just another reason we love Hamburg!

I wish I could send you all some of these berries – or at least bottle their perfume. One can smell them before you even see the hut – so you only have to follow your nose!

Enjoy your weekend – you can think of us eating berries, in this gorgeous weather!






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