Snapshot : A Bath of Flowers

Bath of Flowers by Gus and OllieBath of Flowers by Gus and Ollie, Hamburg, Germany

Bath of Flowers by Gus and OllieIsn’t this lovely? I have been meaning to upload photos of this for a while and share it with you – so here you are!

I think it’s pretty cool to walk home and know that I have neighbours out there that consider planting this old tub with flowers a priority. Every Spring, for as long as I have lived in the area – this old bath brims with colourful blooms. You never know exactly what they’ll plant – as each year has been different, but every time it’s a stunning collection of colour. 

It’s almost a form a street art, in my humble opinion. It’s technically in a public space on public ground – but our neighbours and council don’t seem to mind. No one digs up the flowers or vandalises them in any way – even though they could.

I have never seen anyone tend to it either. I don’t know if they water it – or if they just rely on our ample rainfall. One minute it’s a bath of dirt – the next, it looks like this!

I wonder if they document it each year like I do? I wonder if anyone else cares or notices like I do? I hope the phantom gardeners stumble on my blog some time, so they can see it is appreciated. That it is noticed.

Below is a photo I found I took this time last year. Same, same but different. I hope you like it too.



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