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Taking Stock : May 2015

Taking Stock May : Gus and OllieIt’s that time again, if you can believe it! Another month down and in just two more sleeps it’s officially Summer time here in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m hoping Hamburg’s weather will get the memo – June is often a strange mix of cold, but sunny & humid but gloomy days – with heavy downpours – but pretty much anything above 10°C feels pretty great here!

Let’s do this:

Crochet at the cricket by Gus and Ollie

  • Making : A new project in the above photo for a special little person, while I watch my Hubby play cricket.
  • Cooking : Homemade sausage rolls and chicken ribbon sandwiches were on the menu this week, for a very special gig.
  • Drinking : Lots of water – which has always agreed with me.
  • Reading: Just finished Bryce Courtenay’s The Power of One. Now on to Craft for the Soul by Pip Lincolne! 
  • Wanting: some temperatures above 15°C please. It’s nearly Summer!
  • Looking: For some surprise Birthday gifts for my Hubby.
  • Playing: Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars. Nothing makes me want to dance more!

Taking Stock May 2015  gus and ollie

  • Deciding: On our Summer plans.
  • Wishing: for more than I can say.
  • Enjoying: time with friends and my Hubby.
  • Waiting: for our new BBQ to arrive!
  • Liking: these long, long days and short nights. It’s 10:41pm and sun is just about to disappear.
  • Wondering: what I’ll make next.
  • Loving: the new crochet patterns I found on Etsy via Instgram.
  • Pondering: my next move.
  • Considering: sending something to strangers.
  • Buying: lots and lots of strawberries. Out and about by gus and ollie
  • Hoping: things will change for the better this year, in more ways than one.
  • Watching: the sun go down each night from our dining room.
  • Marvelling: at other’s success and hoping some will rub off on me.
  • Cringing: at the thought of needing to clean out my studio.
  • Needing: time and space for happy things.
  • Questioning: pretty much everything still.
  • Smelling: flowers and strawberries everywhere. It’s almost strawberry season!
  • Wearing: jeans & my cons one day, a dress and sandals the next.
  • Following: many talented artists along their journey – but trying to balance that with living mine.
  • Noticing: the leaves are finally nearly back on the trees.
  • Knowing: how lucky I am to have found a best friend in the man I married.
  • Thinking: about friends near and far.
  • Admiring: those that put others before themselves.
  • Sorting: our pantry. Can’t wait for it’s organised facelift.
  • Getting: excited about using these fruity socks I found. Bookmarking: more projects, jobs and possible studio spaces.
Taking Stock by gus and ollie
  • Coveting: Orla Kiely shoes. OMG I want them all! 
  • Disliking: how slowly my knee is recovering, but it is progressing in the right direction.
  • Opening: boxes and boxes of art supplies that have been stored for too long.
  • Giggling: at Eurovision and loved making some custom bingo sheets for the broadcast.
  • Feeling: good about making some headway on my long term project.
  • Snacking: on way too many crumpets & Cadbury chocolate, that arrived with a friend this week. 
  • Helping: where and when I can.
  • Hearing: the birds chirp and the rooster crow outside my studio window. Pretty cool for a city studio.
Thanks for stopping in. Do you take stock sometimes too? I think it’s nice to look back and see how the month has progressed. Seems to give me the helping hand I need sometimes, when things feel like nothing has changed.

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