Studio Life : New Sock Monkeys & Elephants

Sock Monkeys from Gus and Ollie
Sock Monkeys Tyson & Phoebe

It’s been a little while since I have been able to share some new members of the Gus & Ollie Family & these are the posts I look forward to sharing with you most. Things have been moving slow but steady in the studio the last few weeks, with a mixture of makes for custom orders and stock. These are two of the latest, currently available in my Etsy shop until sold.

Let’s give them a warm welcome!

Meet Tyson in green and Phoebe in the spots. You might recognise them from an earlier photo I posted on Instagram. They were almost done, they look cuter with ears don’t you think? Both Tyson and Phoebe are now complete and ready to ship to a loving home somewhere on this planet. Could that be your place?

gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany, baby, instagram, sock monkeyA few more cuties I have recently added to the mix are:

Mini Sock Monkey Hunter, Sock Elephant Bowie, Sock Elephant Enid, Sock Monkey Martha and Sock Monkey Clint! They are all available now and waiting to hear from you. Simply click on their name and you’ll be linked directly to their Etsy listing. They are a real combination of socks and sizes, which makes my job fun and different every day.

Sock Monkeys from Gus and Ollie

Hunter is a wee little fellow, made from baby socks. He sits in the palm of your hand and is perfect for littles who have just started taking that special someone to bed at night. He has a very cheeky side and likes to whisper jokes in your ears to make you giggle.

Bowie is one of the most colourful, soft and eye-catching Sock Elephants I think I have ever made. He’d made from 2 different men’s Happy Socks, making him very unique indeed. You’ll notice his body matches the bottom of his feet, while his ears match his arms, head and tail. He is a spotty. stripy delight and will have everyone asking where you found him!

Enid and Martha have become the best of friends – choosing to keep each other company until the time comes when they will probably have to go their separate ways. Enid is smaller than Bowie – but still a lovely size to carry and cuddle. Her pop of colour is found on the bottom of her feet, ears and eyes – which she thinks is pretty great. There’s no other grey elephant like her! Martha is also a middle sized monkey – made from coordinating heart covered socks. She’ll soon become a favourite, I have no doubt!

Clint is an XXL sock monkey, made from men’s Happy Socks, like Bowie. I love the combination of colour and pattern on this guy and he’s the perfect gift for boys and girls alike….or perhaps that goofy guy in your life, who needs a crazy critter for his desk at work? Believe it or not, I have sold many toys to grown ups – who have bought them for other grown ups. They’re a great installation for your couch and can always start a conversation in the board room or dinner party.

Welcome to the Family lovely ones! Do you have a favourite? Would like to see more of a certain kind or colour? I’d be happy to hear your comments or sustains below.

Have a lovely week!



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