Snapshot : Almost Strawberry Season

Strawberry  Hut, Hamburg, GermanyThis is a very exciting time indeed.

Some time during May, Germany-wide, these little huts pop up all over the city. And yes – they’re supposed to look like strawberries, because they mark the beginning of Strawberry Season!

The sign on the front means they will be opening in just a few days time. I kinda love that there’s no specific date. A TBC – or wait and see – just to make it’s opening more exciting and ambiguous, until the day you walk past and it’s finally open!

It’s very un-german to be so non-specific. 

These huts signify the beginning of Summer for me. When they’re open and full of strawberries – the smell wafting down the street is absolutely intoxicating. Sometimes I’m riding my bike and can smell them – but can’t see them, which inevitably leads me to take the long way home, in order to find them. I don’t think I’ve eaten more strawberries in life, since moving here.

Did I mention they are also organically grown at local strawberry farms and delivered to these lovely huts daily? Well they are, which not only makes sure they’re fresh – but helps to support our local growers, which I always try to do. A mere 6.40€/kg is not a lot for such quality strawberries. When was the last time you bought a punnet and didn’t have to throw any out, the minute you got to them home?

Strawberry  Hut, Hamburg, Germany
Strawberries at my local Wochenmarkt

Lucky for me, my local Wochenmarkt already has locally grown, organic strawberries readily available. These are little cheaper but it is much more fun buying strawberries out of a giant Strawberry Hut, don’t you think? Can’t wait.


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