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One + Four = Life – Blanket, Sky, Daisies & Streetscape

One + Four = Life Gus and OllieWell hello again!

It’s been a few weeks since I have managed to get these pics up – but here it goes. My One + Four = Life for this week, sees me choosing some pretty sweet pics of what’s been happening in my world of late.

The last time I posted my One + Four = Life, it was the beginning of May, so I guess the end of May is a fitting sequel to the process. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Here goes:

IMG_20150520_204557 Gus and Ollie, crochet, blanket, handmade Ottensen, Hamburg, Germany Gus and Ollie Cricket and Chucks, hamburg, germany, gus and ollie

One: Sky

This is a photo I snapped, while waiting to take the lift down in my building. I was heading out to run some errands and tend to always look out this window to see if I have worn the right shoes – or clothes for the weather at hand. On this day, I almost turned back home to get my raincoat & umbrella. From our apartment all I could see was clear, blue sunny skies. But this photo told a very different story. The sun was going to be short lived, with these ominous clouds on the horizon. I didn’t go back – I risked it and made it home with less than a minute to spare before the heavens opened up. A lucky break I’d say.

Two: Blanket

I very rarely work on anything for myself – or us, which is why this is also a long-term project. I know I will finish it one day, but there is no deadline. It is portable and is something I like to do, when I don’t feel like working on anything else. I try to sew in the ends roughly every 10 rows, so I don’t have a blanket full of ends once it’s actually done. One row of this baby takes a while – as it’s nearly 3 meters long – slowly but surely though, it is getting longer and looking more like a lovely blanket to snuggle under when Winter comes around. Maybe it’ll be finished by then, who knows. Do you have a project like this, that you can come back to whenever?

Three: Streetscape

Most of the time I reserve my photo-taking around the neighbourhood to those gorgeous sunny days, where the colours pop and I can’t believe how blue the sky is. Judging by these shots – you probably think Hamburg is sunny most of the time. Unfortunately it’s not. It really is not. Most of the time, it’s pretty grey or just dark and blah. And on most of those days I’d rather just go home, than stop and take some dark, average photos. But this day was different for some reason. It’s not often I note colours or beauty in a grey landscape – but that white blossom tree, those coloured buildings and the cobblestoned street, lined with bikes, stopped me in my tracks. I thinks it’s important to find these moments on days like this – it not only helps to appreciate the sun-shiney days – but also reminds me you don’t always need the sun to shine, to make you smile (even if I am Australian).

Four: Daisies

I have always had a soft spot for green and for grass for that matter. I would grow grass on our balcony if I could! But daisy covered-grass in the Spring time is even lovelier, don’t you think? They remind me of making daisy chains as a little girl in our front garden – while we dodged the prickles in our bare feet. I used to love making daisy chain necklaces for my cat – who never seemed to mind wearing them. Daisies are happy flowers to me – so I usually take time to stop and admire them, when I see them.

Thanks again for joining me for One + Four = Life this week! I look forward to reading yours too.

Did you take any pictures last week? Do you share them?



4 thoughts on “One + Four = Life – Blanket, Sky, Daisies & Streetscape

  1. What lovely photos! Your crochet blanket is looking great, 3m wide, that is a good sized blanket, I can see why each row ‘takes a while’. It would take me a week to get across one row!

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