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One + Four = Life – Tulips, Blue House, Toys & Doorway

gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany, baby, instagram, sock monkey

Hi there!

Here’s a cute thing I am hoping to join in with more often. The lovely Pip Lincolne, over at Meet Me at Mikes, started this idea a few weeks back. Once a week, post four photos – every week, sharing them on Sunday.

Once a week. 
Four photos. 
To document your life. 
One + Four = Life!

I love this idea – and it gives me another way to share my weekly moments with you all – mini delights.

Four is a great number – not too many, but not too few either.

The beginning of May sounds like a great time to start too – so here is my week in photos:

gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany, baby, instagram, sock monkey gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany, baby, instagram, sock monkey gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany, baby, instagram, sock monkey gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany, baby, instagram, sock monkey

One: Tulips

This week, simply walking to the bus stop – I had to stop and admire these mega-tulips! Yes – mega! The heads on these tulips are nearly the size of my hand – and they have popped up in a perfect wavy line – right along my street! How pretty are they?! They also stand above my knees in height! I love that someone took the time to plants these a few months back – to inject the much needed pop of colour into this often grey and drab environment. But not right now! Spring is the best isn’t it?!

Two: Blue House

This blue house is one of my favourites in Hamburg – and you guessed it – it’s right in the middle of my neighbourhood. Who wouldn’t want to live there? I feel the urge to photograph it almost every time i pass it – but don’t worry. I won’t. Maybe just once every 3 months or so – as the trees change.

Three: Toys

This is the bedroom wall above the bed I share with my ever-loving Hubby. That’s right – this is our room, not a child’s room. We love funky toys and have collected them during the last 10 years all over the world – so most have a very special story attached. They are all dear to us in their own special way. Maybe that’s something else I could write about here? Let me know if you’d like to hear where these all came from.

Four: Doorway

This is another house I stumbled upon this week, near my studio. I hadn’t really stopped to admire it before and was pleasantly surprised by it’s striking architectural details. It has been standing here for at least the last 100 years – which means the tree that so graciously drapes itself across the front door – would be of a similar vintage. Such a special entrance don’t you think?

That’s my week in pictures – reminds me again how lucky I am to be living here.

How was your week? Did you take any pictures?



9 thoughts on “One + Four = Life – Tulips, Blue House, Toys & Doorway

  1. What beautiful photos! May I ask what camera you use (they are so clear and crisp!)…..love that you have a collection of toys in your room and I’d love to hear the stories behind them! So glad I hopped over from 1+4…

    1. Hey Helen, thank you so much for popping by! I’m so glad you like my photos. I spend a lot of time on my photos – taking them, choosing them, uploading them etc….they’re a key part of my blog – so I always want them looking their best. The photos on this post were all taken by my Samsung S4 camera. I usually take a few shots, to make sure at least one is crisp. 50% of the time, I also use my DSLR (Canon 550D + kit lens) – which I love. Just depends on the day and moment. Will definitely look into writing about the toys too 🙂

      1. Thanks for letting me know: amazed you use the kit lens for your Canon! Unbelievable that those photos in that post were taken on your Samsung S4….! The crispness of the images was incredible!

      2. Thank you 🙂 I stand very still – and always maintain a clean lens….so maybe that makes all the difference 😉 Needless to say, I’m very happy with both!

  2. Wow what beautiful photos! Tulips are the best! My all-time favourite flower. What a stunning shade of blue. I would LOVE to live in Hamburg such a wonderful city filled with amazing architecture – you are a lucky gal!

    1. Thank you so much for dropping in Julie! Such kind words. As a result of your comment, I’m so glad to have found your blog too! Happy belated birthday! I look forward to reading more soon 🙂

      1. Thankyou for popping by to see me too! Pip is such an awesome lady – brimming with ideas to help connect people. Looking forward to reading more about Gus&Ollie 😉

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