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Taking Stock : April 2015

Taking stock april 2015

Can you believe it’s already the middle of April? Some days and week go so quickly don’t they? As it’s been a couple of months, I though an April Taking Stock might be a good jumping off point this month, with some studio happenings, past and future travel plans, longer days – and even some sunny ones (!) and generally feeling a little lighter – which is what happens in Spring isn’t it?

So here goes….

Making : Lots of new monkeys and making time for things that make me happy.

Cooking : As the days are still cool – a hearty minestrone soup  was in order this week – served with fresh crispy bread! Delicious – here’s the recipe I found.

Drinking : probably a little too much alcochol – you know how holidays can be – but trying to balance that with lots of water and herbal tea.

Reading: Just finished our book club book for this month ‘Leaving Time’ by Jodi Picoult. Another surprise ending – which wasn’t completely unwelcome, but a tough book to read at the moment. The main protagonist – a scientist – studies grief in elephants, which puts a very human angle on loss and these amazing creatures. The research into writing this book must have been extraordinary. It has certainly given me new respect for elephants and the attributes they clearly share with us.

Wanting: to write more. I know, I say this almost every month. I need to just sit and do it!

Looking: up! I took this lovely shot and posted it to Instagram yesterday – what a pretty perspective looking up can be. I have always loved blue – and blue skies for a backdrop behind some of the lovely houses of Ottensen was too beautiful not to share.

Delightful Ottensen in Hamburg. My home away from home.
Delightful Ottensen in Hamburg. My home away from home.

Playing: Splendor! Have you played this game yet? If not – do yourself a favour and check it out. We just love it! It’s great with two players – and even more interesting and competitive with 3 or 4 people. We are having some people around tonight to hopefully introduce them to it 🙂

Splendor - our latest board game of choice.
Splendor – our latest board game of choice.

Wasting: probably way too much time watching tv – but when you can crochet, iron, handsew and even blog while the telly is on – why not? I can’t seem to just sit and watch tv, I have to be doing something else…are you like that too? It makes me feel less guilty for being up to date with all we like to watch 😉

Sewing: The most sewing I did recently was making another 60 heart pillows for breast cancer patients – I shall be doing a separate blog post about our amazing day soon. It’s always so much fun with lots of crafty friends involved.

Sock Monkey Penelope helped us make over 60 heart pillows!
Sock Monkey Penelope helped us make over 60 heart pillows!

Wishing: for more sunny days – even though we have been spoilt throughout March and April already, sun shiny days make me feel better – mind, body and soul. Something about the inner Australian in me do doubt.

Enjoying: doing another Blog with Pip ecourse – which continues to give me confidence and drive to continue to write, produce, blog and tweek the things on here I’m not yet happy with. Thanks Pip and all the lovely Pipsters – who are such an encouraging bunch! Life here wouldn’t be the same without you.

Waiting: to see where this years takes me – us – gus & ollie. One never knows I suppose.

Liking: that I still have hours of daylight left when I come home – but not liking the dust and dirty windows it presents at the same time….but I’m never going to wish the sunshine away – even if it means I need to dust more and clean my windows 😉

Wondering: about an opportunity in NYC – perhaps more news on this to come later.

Loving: Instagram – definitely my new obsession. I am trying to post everyday – so come follow me @gusandollie and check out the daily happenings of studio life, Hamburg, Clive the Sock Monkey and his travels, and whatever else I find that’s worth sharing, documenting, remembering. Such a lovely catalog to have online to look back on in time to come.

Some of my latest Instagram posts.
Some of my latest Instagram posts.

Hoping: to have some new products on my shop soon – and to spend more regular hours in the studio, with the front door open for visitors, now that the weather is warming up 🙂

Marvelling: at some peoples’ strength, some peoples’ enthusiasm and some peoples’ resilience. You can learn so much from someone about how they face and deal with hardship or turmoil in their lives and I hope to be able to take that on board and find my way too.

Needing: to do more exercise – but the best bit is that I am finally feeling strong enough and motivated to do so. So let the gym sessions begin again!

Smelling: the sweet small of gardenia’s everywhere! Spring is finally here in full force and I am so glad I am not a hay fever sufferer and can enjoy the sweet smells floating in the air.

Wearing: my new converse! First pair I have ever owned and I have no idea why it’s taken so long to realise why everyone else wears them too. So comfy, easy to put on (shoes, not boots) and they pretty much go with anything! They’re also perfect for riding my bike – or walking that extra mile.

Taking my cons for their first walk on the beach in Turkey.
Taking my cons for their first walk on the beach in Turkey.

Following: lots of lovely new people on Instagram of course! Here are some of my new faves this month: @southwoodstores, @iloveorlakiely & @craftposure.

Noticing: the changes in the season, which in turn seems to change the people here. There are so many more smiles out and about in Springtime.

Knowing: that time is continuing to heal and that it is slowly but surely helping. I am feeling stronger and happier in every capacity at the moment – and I don’t think it’s just the sunny days we’re having. Time definiely helps heal.

Thinking: about so many things – lots to do with this blog and my little handmade business. Where should I be trying to take it this year? Should I be doing more markets? Blog more, make more, photograph more, share more…sometimes you just have to sit down and do one thing at a time – because it all becomes very overwhelming and then I end up procrastinating and getting nothing done. So one step at a time – I keep telling myself.

Feeling: Up and down still – but better. Some days are easier than others, but trying to stay positive, busy and focussing on things that bring me joy and happiness, rather than stress seems to have helped a lot in the last month.

Bookmarking: Blogs from friends, recipes and pinning too many things to mention really. Placing a bookmark in my book each day, as I slowly made it to the end was very satisfying too.

Opening: Letters and a few parcels, which is always exciting. A new yoga mat and roll to work on my tired muscles, some new books to read and lovely news from friends

Giggling: usually at my Hubby – who makes me laugh every day. It’s kinda like living with a combination of Howard, Leonard and Sheldon from the TBBT. Life with him is pretty grand.

I hope you have a lovely weekend – thanks so much for stopping by.


Spring time in Hamburg, Germany.
Spring time in Hamburg, Germany.

5 thoughts on “Taking Stock : April 2015

  1. Great to hear about the things that are making you happy, and glad that time and happy projects are helping to heal.

  2. I love your spring flowers shot and I too am enjoying the onset of spring. And I ALWAYs do something else while watching TV!!

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