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Instagram: A picture is worth a thousand words


Have you joined the masses on Instagram yet? At least in my crafty handmade little world – it seems to be more popular than posting on Facebook, twitter and Flickr combined. The thing I love about Facebook posts from friends and other ‘pages’ I follow are their photos – so it makes sense that I am being more and more drawn in by Instagram – which is a primarily photo sharing app (albeit a few videos too).

For those of you not currently in the loop – download it! It’s a free app, to use with your apple or android phone. You don’t have to post photos –  you can just follow your favourites – like your favourite shop, gallery, columnist, celebrity, artist, friend or band. Your favourite designer of shoes or handbags – I love Orla Kiely. Your hairdresser, your florist, your favourite coffee house or food van. They’re bound to be on it.


It is also where lots of these businesses promote special discounts or sales, give you coupon codes for online purchases or even have live auctions – where your comment on the photo is your binding agreement to buy. It’s also a place where people advertise job opportunities, opening hours and special online promotions. Direct to their followers – direct to their phones. You can also keep your account private – which means you have to approve those who can follow – thus see – the photos you post. This a great option for my 11 year old niece whom I follow, or those of you who’d rather not put their life online for all to see. I know this sounds very daunting to some of you, who haven’t seen it yet – but have no fear. I don’t claim to be an expert by any means – I’m still learning about hashtags and tagging people – and very slowing building up a modest following to boot. But believe me – the more time you spend on it – the more hooked you’ll become. Here are a few of my favourite people/places/business to follow – right now. There’ll probably a bunch more in a month or so.

  • Photography loves – here, here and here. They are so different – but their photography really seems to speak to me.
  • Heart warming – go here. How can these images not warm your heart?
  • Inspirational – check out this and this. I pretty much love everything they post.
  • Smile-inducing – look at these. Photo of retro loveliness works for me every time.
  • For crochet lovers – have a look here & here. Aren’t they amazing and so Aussie too.
  • For my Designer crushes – go here and here.
  • Do you like photos of houses like I do? Go here. Such gorgeous photos.
  • For kitty lovers – try here, here and here. Always puts a smile on my face.
  • For sock enthusiasts like me – try here, here, here and here. Would love to get my hands on lots of these socks!
  • Some of my favourite artists are here, here, here, here and here. It’s so great to be able to see what they’re doing right now – or behind the scene’s in their studios. Makes me so happy.
  • For my Melbourne/Australia fix I like this, this and this.
  • For Hamburg lovers – go here. It might entice you to come visit me.

Here’s a few of my latest Gus & Ollie Instagram uploads – and if you’re not following me yet – please do. It seems to be the place where you’ll receive the latest and most recent news about whats happening in my world, as I try to post most days. Instagram March 2015

Please note: this is not a sponsored post! My opinions and thoughts are totally my own. 


4 thoughts on “Instagram: A picture is worth a thousand words

  1. Hi Jess! I am a die hard Instagram fan too! It is by far the best social media tool, I think, to get to know a person or business. I think it’s the visual aspect that appeals to me so much. My kids also have accounts but they are private. It’s great for them to share pictures with family and friends who are not close to home. x

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