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Taking Stock : December 2014

Taking Stock December 2014 gus and ollie hamburg germany etsy handmadeWith Christmas only a few days away now and the end of the year closing in…I thought it only fitting to list my last Taking Stock for 2014.

After taking part in a Blog with Pip course, Taking Stock has become a little tradition here in the blogosphere….and like many of my fellow blogging buddies – I am hoping to turn this post into a monthly Gus & Ollie tradition in 2015. It is such a great way to get a snapshot of my Gus & Ollie world each month….and will be even more lovely to look back on one day.

I should perhaps premise this post with a little disclaimer.

*This December has possibly been the hardest month in my life so far – with a personal tragedy, completely out of our control. I haven’t yet decided whether to go into details here – but just know we are taking it a day at a time and are so grateful to all who have written, texted, sent flowers, delivered a delicious home cooked meal and thought of us during this time. This would been much harder without you all – so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.*

So grab a lemon lime & bitters or a hot cocoa if you’re in the northern hemisphere like me…sit back and enjoy!

crochet blanket gus and ollie handmade hamburg germany etsy melbourne australiaMaking : Right now….not much – does tweaking my blog count? I need a new crochet project for the winter! But I did just finish a crocheted blanket and two beanies for a very special little girl.

Cooking : Not much the last couple of weeks, with meals being delivered daily by our amazing network of friends here.

Drinking : A lot of water and peppermint tea. My favourite Rooibus Vanilla tea during the day.

Reading: The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh – our current Book Club book.

Wanting: not much this Christmas….mainly to give and be grateful.

Looking: at flights to go home for some sunshine.

December by Robin Goldsby

Playing: My favourite Christmas album – Robin Goldsby’s December whenever I get the chance. It helps make it feel like Christmas time.

Wasting: time…sometimes minutes. Sometime hours.

Sewing: lots of crocheted ends in.

Wishing: for health and happiness.

Enjoying: looking at our very first real Hamburg Christmas tree lit up every evening.

Waiting: to see what happens next.

Liking: not needing to be in the Christmas hustle and bustle this year.

Wondering: what happens now.Christmas tree gus and ollie hamburg germany

Loving: our cosy apartment, on these cold, dark winter nights.  

Hoping: to catch up with friends over the silly season.

Marvelling: at so many inspirational people online. Every. Day.

Needing: A hug sometimes….other times time and space on my own.

Wearing: Jeans and boots most days – but relaxing at home in my jamies.

Following: My heart.

Noticing: The Christmas smells that come with Christmas Markets out our front door.

Knowing: That time will help heal.

Thinking: too much.

Smelling: So many flowers and our Christmas tree.

Feeling: strong one minute and absolutely overwhelmed the next.

Bookmarking: crochet patterns

Opening: cards and emails – which isn’t always easy.

Giggling: usually at my Husband.

Feeling: lucky, sad, strong, heartbroken, lost, overwhelmed and grateful all at once.

flowers gus and ollie handmade hamburg germany


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock : December 2014

  1. I haven’t done a taking stock post for ages now. But I find when I do it is a very therapeutic thing. I hope this post has helped you heal and to get through whatever it is that is going on in your life right now. Much love to you Jess. I’m so happy that you have a wonderful network around you. It helps so much when times are tough. xx

    1. Thank you so much for your support and kind words Deb. It really was a great post to do and one I will no doubt look back on for years to come….it will also help to see how far I’ve come in time. Living abroad makes your friends your family and that’s exactly how they have banded together to support us – it’s been an amazing thing to witness. xx

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