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Studio Life : Happenings

gus and ollie, handmade in Hamburg, Germany

It’s been a few weeks since I posted, but it’s with good reason. After some busy weeks with custom orders, making some new family members to put in my Etsy shop and a long weekend away by the sea, for some much needed time, rest and relaxation with my Hubby, I now have some time, space and recent photos (!) of all the happenings of late, in the Gus and Ollie studio.

We have some very cute new members to welcome – some of whom you may have already seen if you’re a fan on FB and follow me on Instagram. Two new cuties were born on the train ride to the Baltic sea….which saw me completely surrounded in my very own little portable creative space. Passengers often stop to chat and ask about what I am doing…I usually have a few business cards ready.

Meet Sock Whale Leon.

Cute enough to be a pillow on your bed or even hang on the wall, Leon was carefully machine sewn and prepared, then placed in my sewing box to be put together by hand on the train.

Gus and Ollie, Handmade in Hamburg, GermanyGus and Ollie, Handmade in Hamburg, Germany

Didn’t he turn out just perfect! I love his stripes and that they’re different, depending on what side of him you’re looking at. He is particularly proud of his tail and loves all the attention! He’s a very soft cuddle, machine washable and his safety eyes are hand painted with non-toxic paint, making him all round safe, fun, colourful and soft to play with, sleep on, cuddle or display. He will be listed in my Etsy shop this weekend.

Meet Sock-e-phant Edburt.

Another carefully prepared little guy, who was born on the train, somewhere between Hamburg and the Baltic Sea. I like to think of him as a Giraffe-phant, which is what you get when you cross an elephant with a giraffe 😉 I couldn’t resist the juxtaposition of these socks, with a completely different animal and think he worked out beautifully.

20140620_134051Gus and Ollie, Handmade in Hamburg, Germany

What a sweet little guy. He is definitely one of the most striking Sock-e-phants to date and I just love his blue eyes on all the yellow and orange. Inside all of my elephants is a soft sounding and washable rattle, which makes him even more exciting for very little ones. How great would he look on a shelf in a nursery? He’s taken pride of place in our Atelier gallery at the moment, and will also be in my Etsy shop shortly.

Meet Sock Monkey Hadley.

This XXL monkey, made from two different pairs of some of the most colourful socks I’ve found, is a very special custom order from dear friends of our, expecting their first baby. It’s due any day and they don’t know what they’re having, so they chose this unisex option and can’t wait to share it with their new addition.20140620_123241Gus and Ollie, Handmade in Hamburg, Germanygus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany

Hadley was also finished on the train ride to the Baltic Sea and they spent quite some time with us, touring around Rügen with us. From the beach, to hiking in the woods to braving a few downpours, Hadley was a real trooper. Never complaining when he had to stay in my bag to stay dry or sand-free and made so many people smile along the way. Adventures with a monkey in tow is always more fun.

Meet Sock Monkies Stan and Luke.

Two more little cuties to arrive in the gallery, but yet to be put online. Aren’t they colourful! So sweet together too. They have quickly become best friends and like to hang out in the gallery together, playing practical jokes on the other monkies, elephants and bunnies. They’re such jokers and their laughs are infectious. If you need a laugh at home, these guys are for you! They will be available on Etsy soon enough. gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Have you been anywhere recently? Have you made something this week? I’d love to hear about it. If you’d like to adopt any of the new family members you read about in this post, please simply comment on this post or drop me an email. All but Hadley are still looking for loving homes. Thanks for visiting us.


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