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Taking Stock : June 2014

gus and ollie, handmade in hamburg, Germany

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to participate in the delightful online course Blog with PipPip Linclon is an Australian dynamo, full of so many creative talents and has helped inspire and motivate me to write more here, keeping my lovely followers up to date with what’s going on in the studio – as well as life here in Hamburg.

Like many other wonderful blogs I am now following (thanks to Pip and her amazing group of talented students), I’m Taking Stock which is a great way to let you all know where I’m at – and for me to look back on one day. It might even become a monthly thing! Soooo….here goes:

Making : Another lovely crochet blanket, but this time in Granny Ripple stitch.
Cooking : Much to my Husband’s excitement – homemade sausage rolls have been on the menu of late (we can’t buy them here). Which often finds us with a few extra expat Aussies around our table 🙂

Gus and Ollie: Handmade in Hamburg

Drinking : Hugo’s are a specialty here during the Summer months: Prosecco, Elderberry syrup, fresh limes & mint! So refreshing!
Reading : Book club’s book this month: Mr Penumbra’s 24 hours bookstore – loving it! (I’ve always dreamed of owning a bookstore).
Wanting : desperately to find a new hairdresser here…any suggestions?
Looking : everywhere! Summer in Europe is spectacular – so green and flowers are in bloom everywhere!
Playing : Ticket to Ride (as always), Blokus & Connect Four was fun with my niece last week….was this a board game question?

Blokus is a fantastic game for young and old!
Blokus is a fantastic game for young and old!

Deciding : what to put on the walls in our guest room – too many lovely pieces to chose from!
Wishing : I could read, blog and make, crochet more….
Enjoying : watching my Hubby’s delight, having recently joined a cricket team here in Hamburg.

THCC Rot-Gelb Cricket Club, Hamburg, Germany

Waiting : until Friday – we’re off on a long weekend!
Liking : the joy the World Cup seems to bring everyone here.

World Cup 2013 Ottensen Public Viewing, Hamburg, Germany

Wondering : What the rest of this year will bring.
Loving : my bike and gorgeous weather to ride it in!
Pondering : how I could sleep less, get more done and not be tired.
Considering : A new premium range of toys and a new website. Don’t worry – this blog isn’t going anywhere, but watch this space.
Watching : Downton Abbey – just finished Season 3 (OMG!) so no spoilers please.
Hoping : for beach weather this weekend. We’re off to Rügen!

The Island of Rügen, in the Baltic Sea.
The Island of Rügen, in the Baltic Sea.

Marvelling : at so many creative mothers out there. How do they have time to do all they do?
Needing : time out to draw & read.
Smelling : roses all around. They’re everywhere at the moment.
Wearing : my capris and ballerinas. Loving this weather.

Capri's and ballerinas: Gus and Ollie, Hamburg, Germany

Following : lots of projects and hoping to participate in many.
Noticing : the good in the world, instead of the bad. There is so much good.
Knowing : that I am doing the right thing, no matter what society thinks is worthwhile.
Thinking : about friends and family back home – often. But so happy to have so many friends here too.
Feeling : lucky. To have what I have and be doing what I am doing.
Admiring : people who get on with life, no matter what it throws at them.
Sorting : socks!! socks!! socks!! Always socks!!

Gus & Ollie: Handmade in Hamburg, Germany

Buying : socks!! socks!! socks!! Always socks!!
Getting :ready to watch Australia play their second world cup game against the Netherlands tomorrow night. Fingers crossed it’s a similar result to the Hockey World Championships.
Bookmarking :Lots of new blogs every day – thanks to my blogging community. Love you guys!
Disliking:self-righteousness and entitlement. Man, that gets under my skin.
Opening :letters and parcels from distant friends and family.
Giggling :usually over the last viral video to makes the rounds…some of them are so funny, aren’t they?!
Feeling :hopeful that this is my second blog post this week…maybe I am breaking the drought.
Snacking : on tropical fruit! It’s that time of year again when the markets are full of berries, cherries, pineapple, mangos and passionfruit!

Strawberries, Hamburg, Germany - by Gus and Ollie

Coveting : probably too many things to list here, but making a lovely wish list for my birthday 😉
Helping : as many as I can, most of the time.
Hearing : pretty much anything 80’s or Australian 😉

When was the last time you took stock of where you are, right now? It’s a really interesting way to think about what is going on in your life, in this moment….while not thinking too much about all the what if’s! Definitely something I am trying to concentrate more on these days….we are all so fortunate, in so many ways. You just have to stop and notice.


6 thoughts on “Taking Stock : June 2014

  1. Hi Jessica, what a great taking stock post. I’m a blog with pip may student. I have enjoyed doing the course and am going back to do the july course. I love looking at all these new blogs. I just found your blog via facebook in the blog with pip group. What a lovely place you are living in. I have loved looking at your photos. And your sock toys are gorgeous. You can see that they have all their own personalities. Love your blog, you have a new follower! Simone x

    1. Hi there Simone! Thank you so much for your lovely comment – and yes, the breadth and fun I have had since the course – with exposure to so many wonderful blogs, have been amazing! Thanks for the follow! Now I’m off to see what you’ve been doing 😉 x

  2. This was a great glimpse into your life. It’s funny to me how many things we Pipettes have in common even though we are all over the world. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Hi there Jeanette! You’re absolutely right! It’s been so wonderful finding such a lovely online community of Pipettes – certainly makes me feel a lots closer to home 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting x

  3. Lovely photos Jessica, and a great list too. I must do this exercise again one of these days 🙂 And how good are homemade sausage rolls?!! I only started making them this year but they’ve already become a weekend staple here.

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