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Snapshot : Blossoms on my way home…

Gus and Ollie Hamburg

Not a lot needs to be said for todays photos – only that this was my walk home and I just had to share them with you.

Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Spring is stunning, isn’t it?
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Blossoms even grow out of the trunks!
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Finally some colour – after Winter.

Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons – it’s always hard to decide which one I love more. But I know there are many 100’s of photos I have taken in these two season that are currently residing on my hard drive and in my iphoto album. I look at them often – I compare them from year to year. I have favourite parks and gardens here in Hamburg that I deliberately make time to go to, just to see the blossom trees or the changing colours of the leaves.

Gus and Ollie Hamburg
They remind me of Japan.

How can you decide if having snow-like petals cover your shoes, falling into your hair & watching them float in the wind is more beautiful – more wondrous – than Autumn’s golden reds and yellows, the crunch under your feet & the piles and piles of leaves found here, throughout September and October?

Simply stunning.
Simply stunning.

I know if we ever leave here, these are the photos I will go back to. It’s gorgeous here at the moment and I hope it’s gorgeous where you are too xo


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