Studio Life : A week of wonder…

Gus & Ollie hamburg
Approaching the studio, such a pretty ride.

Welcome into my world this week. A little sneak peak into the land of where I live and where I work and what has been happening – officially our last week of Winter.

Most days start with me riding my bike from home to the studio. A lovely 10-15minute ride, along cobble stoned streets, passing Altbau’s – dollhouse like – and mostly wishing it was a little warmer. With the wind created on the bike, I still needed gloves this week, to prevent my hands from turning blue – and it’s not even in the negative degrees.

Gus and Ollie Studio
Gus and Ollie Studio

As much I as still have days (after being here for 6.5 years) that I miss ‘home’, the sunshine and the light that only Australia has, I still catch myself feeling lucky every day. Lucky I am able to ride my bike around these streets and head into my own little creative world – where I can choose what I feel like doing today – Create. Draw. Sew. Photograph. Write. Collaborate. Research. Think.               Lucky me. Walking through my red door, into my space always makes me smile. I turn the heater on. What will I do today?

Gus and Ollie aussie sock monkeys
Aussie monkies in the making.

One of the things on the to do list this week is to finish these GIANT Aussie monkies, for a lovely Australian customer, who kindly provided these amazing knee high green & gold socks. They are going to be gorgeous! I had a commission similar to this just over a year ago – seems monkies in football or country colours are very popular! There is even a Collingwood (ALF) mini monkey in the pipeline too. So if you have a special team or country in mind, let me know 😉 I recently found some anchor socks – the perfect pair to celebrate this Hanseatic City I live in now – watch this space.

Aussie Monkies
Green and Gold Australia Monkies
Gus and Ollie
Sydney Swans monkey Bailey
Gus and Ollie
Anchor socks – ready to make Hanseatic Hamburg Monkies.

I was excited to add this little cutie to my Etsy Shop this week too. Meet Flossie!

Gus and Ollie Sock Monkey Flossie
Welcome Flossie!

I received a gorgeous photo during the week of a poorly little sweetheart, who was seeking some TLC from her Sock-e-phant Issy. It is such a pleasure to receive images from grateful customers, to see where my little plush family has ended up. I hope this little one is feeling better – thank you for letting me share this.

Gus and ollie
Sock-e-phant Issy giving some TLC to this little lady.

A friend of ours arrived from Melbourne in the last week – with a suitcase full of goodies I had packed back in February for him to bring.  Jam packed full of fabric, books, crafty supplies, socks + more socks and of course some beloved op shop finds. Including this lovely new addition to our couch – thank you Benalla Vinnies.

Gus and Ollie Hamburg Benella Op Shop Vinnies
Knitted Op Shop delight 🙂

We’ve been lucky to have some sunshine this week – but I managed to find some parts of Hamburg smiling, even when the clouds came in.

Sunny morning in Hamburg.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Hamburg on a cloudy day.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Love these colours.
Gus and Ollie Hamburg
Sunset over Hamburg, from our apartment building.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week – and that it continues into this weekend. Thank you for sharing my week with me – let’s see what Sunday brings 🙂



9 thoughts on “Studio Life : A week of wonder…

  1. How beautiful!! Your commute and studio look heavenly, and the local architecture and beautiful colours of the building – I am swooning.

    1. Thank you so much Annette!! It’s nice to know someone else sees what I see here – we are very lucky to be able to experience this lifestyle and I never take my comment for granted.

  2. I love your creations and your studio so much. Thank you for sharing a slice of your life with us. Xx

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