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Studio Life : Newbies in (almost) Spring

Hot off the Monkey Press – meet the new members of the Gus & Ollie Family

I am very excited to share with you three brand new Gus and Ollie Mini Monkies, that have joined our family this week! Aren’t they sweet. A very warm welcome to Brady, Flossie & Vincent, available now (simply email me or write to me via my FB page)

Gus & Ollie: Atelier E-37
A Spring window to brighten you day!

My studio buddy and I at Atelier E-37 decided a lovely new window was in order, to try and encourage Spring to head our way 😉 We realise our Winter has been extremely mild, up here in Northern Germany – especially compared to parts of the USA, but with never-ending grey skies – and the tiniest bit of sun – we are so looking forward to warmer, sunnier days – where 2 pairs of socks and fur lined boots are no longer required. So bring on Spring – it’s supposed to reach a top of 16 degrees this Sunday – major heatwave & perfect for brunch with friends in a sunny cafe and an afternoon bike ride with my Hubby. Fingers crossed and, as the Germans say – thumbs pressed.

Wishing you the happiest of Weekends!


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