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Snapshot : Thank you Autumn.

gus and ollie hamburg
Sister monkies

I know it’s been such a long time since my last post….It’s been a lovely long Summer here in Hamburg and I’ve been enjoying it to the full! Lots of nights out with friends, Amsterdam, my Birthday Party at Made By You, lots of visitors from abroad, including my Mum, festivals to check out, exhibition openings, a Segway tour with the American Womens Club and a last minute getaway with my best friend (and Hubby) to the South of Spain! Phew! Such wonderful memories!

gus and ollie hamburg
Fun times in Malaga.

It’s must also be baby season, with friends, friends of friends, family and customers announcing the wonderful news of a recent birth or pregnancy! So it’s time to get MAKING!! I’ve had babies to make for here in Hamburg, San Francisco, Switzerland, Melbourne and lots of little towns in between. My new Burpies have been a big hit, with orders for more already!  It gives me so much pleasure to think of my handmade friends and accessories, sitting in brand new nurseries, with all the other lovely gifts one receives, when they welcome a baby boy or girl. Congratulations to you all!

gus and ollie hamburg
gus and ollie hamburg
Such lovely fabric
gus and ollie hamburg
Handmade Burpies

Another amazing thing happened in Hamburg this year….The Australian Football Team: The Hamburg Dockers won the 2013 Premiership of the AFLG! Never before, in 10 years of the club has it been achieved. And not only that, as the location of the final rotates throughout Germany each year, it must have been their year, with the final held in their home town of Hamburg. Congratulations DOCKERS!!! A much deserved win, after training started in January, in the snow no less! You’ve done yourselves proud.

Premiers 2013!

Christmas is also coming up! So Christmas orders have started rolling in, as well as the need to have plenty of stock, as I usually take a suitcase full of my handmade goodies back to Melbourne each December…..which comes back full of new supplies to Hamburg! The perfect switch.

gus and ollie hamburg
Christmas in Hamburg

I want to take this moment to thank each and every one of my lovely customers for making my job to much fun. I love working with you all, to make your visions and ideas come true….and the little one in your world smile. You make me smile too.  One of the my favourite commissions this Summer was a Pig named Carla! After some trials and tribulations, I think I finally managed the likeness for a cute little pig. She went through a few moments of looking like a cow…and maybe a lion….but she turned out super cute, don’t you think? Thanks for the challenge Andy!

gus and ollie hamburg
Carla – the first Gus & Ollie Piggy 🙂

Autumn is my favourite Season of the year. Although it signifies the impending long Winter ahead of us here in the Northern Hemisphere,  with a drop in temperature, it’s the transition from Summer fun to indoor games, snuggly throw rugs, peppermint tea after dinner and winter boots. Even though it was on my ‘to do’ list last weekend, I loved pulling out all my winter hats, scarves and mittens again. Fresh with the smell of wool wash and ready for another cold Winter.

How about you? What’s you’re favourite Season and why?

Happy Autumn Everyone!



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