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Snapshot : Spring time = Market time

It’s that time of year again, when the sun is starting to shine more & more and the need for wearing socks becomes less & less….resulting in many more smiling faces here….including mine!
That’s me! No socks!
It’s also a time for lovely Spring markets, full of handmade loveliness that has been created over the long Winter months….time to peel off those layers and show the world (or your town) what you’ve been doing….
So Gus & Ollie are very excited to share that we have been cordially invited to be part of a handmade market here in Hamburg, whose concept is a little different to all the others: Der keline Dachladen 
Saturday May 19th, 2012
Holstenstrasse 182
22765 Hamburg
Der kleine Dachladen is a place to share ideas, meet some new creatives’ and show off a little of what’s been happening in the studio since I returned from my Summer oasis back in Australia. 
A place to share, enjoy, meet and greet, if you will. There will also be some amazing cupcakes to munch on too! 
Just some of the Gus & Ollie friends born in 2012!
I have been hard at work making new sock-y friends and we really hope some of you will be able to stop by, introduce yourselves and come say hello! 
Gus & Ollie’s Bunny Rattles will be there too!  
will be lots of *new* Monkies, Monsters, Sock-e-phants, Bunnies &
Sock Doggies to meet….as well as some other very talented artists to
see too! 
*New* Gus & Ollie Sock Doggies to see 🙂
Spotty and stripy Monkies will be there!
Lots of *new* Mini Monkies to choose from 🙂
*New* brooches made from my vintage button collection will also be available on the day!

I am very excited to have been chosen to be part of this small group of very talented people & hope to see you there! 

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