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I love studio time….

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful space to create, think, experiment, enjoy and share ideas.  Sharing with some other lovely Ladies was important for me, having worked from home for some time. I feel better getting out of the house and having other creative people around me….people who share many of the same joys and frustrations of being a self employed Artist.


Being the kind of nester I am, I thrive on making a space my own. People have said all my life, that I really ‘move into’ a space. I put my own stamp on the space I have; big or small. Over the years, my studio space has changed and grown with me, but have always felt like a home away from home.
This is the same feeling I have with all I create for Gus & Ollie. Each Monkey or Monster grows into they’re own little personality, but I like to think some of it, is because of me. There is a little bit of me in each and every Gus & Ollie friend 🙂

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